Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy

Here is some sweet news for Diabetics! Star Health brings you Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy that covers not just complications of Diabetes (both Type I and Type II) but also regular hospitalization, Personal Accident and Outpatient Expenses as well!

  • Eligibilty
    • Any person with Type I or Type II Diabetes Mellitus aged between 18 years and 65 years
    • Floater policy can be taken only for a family.
    • Family means Self and Spouse only provided at-least either of the person is having
      Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Renewal: Life long
  • Tenure of policy: 1 year
Section Plan A Plan B Sum Insured Type Sum Insured Rs.
1 Covers Hospitalization expenses due to complications of Diabetes without any waiting period. Covers Hospitalization expenses due to complications of Diabetes after a waiting period of 12 months Individual/
2 Covers Hospitalization Expenses arising out of Accidents and Non Diabetes. Subject to 30 days, 24 months specified diseases and 48 months Pre-existing Disease w aiting period Same as Plan A
3 Out Patient Medical Expenses
4 Personal Accident Cover for Accidental Death of the chosen insured person

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