Money Back Plans

A money back plan is ideal for people who want a guaranteed return on their investments and are looking for regular payouts at the same time in addition to an insurance cover for themselves for the same money they are putting in as premium.
Unlike a standard life insurance policy that only pays an amount after the maturity of the policy, the money back plan starts to pay an amount that is called a ‘survival benefit’ over the lifetime of the policy.

This survival benefit is given after a few years from the start of the money back plan and continues until the maturity of the money back policy. The survival benefit, as the name suggests, is a reward from the company to the insured individual for surviving.
This benefit is only payable if the insured is alive. In case of occurrence of an unfortunate event that results in the death of the insured party, these survival benefits do not accrue any more.

In such cases, the nominee(s) receive the whole of the maturity amount, irrespective of how much survival benefits have been paid along with any bonus that may have accrued.
Thus, the money back plan offers regular income along with a maturity benefit just like standard life insurance policies.

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