LIC's Jeevan Shanti

Pay Single Premium and get Guaranteed pension for Lifetime
Choose from: 1. Immediate pension or deferred pension options Or 2. Joint life pension or increasing income every year Or 3. Death benefit in lumpsum or in yearly installments
Loan availability after completion of 1 year
Tax Benefit on premiums paid u/s 80C
Guaranteed Bonus which will be added every month to the policy
The NPS subscribers can also opt for this pension plan
Eligibility Criteria
Min. Max.
Purchase Price Rs.1,50,000/- No Limit
Pension Rs.1,000 Monthly
Rs.3,000 Quarterly
Rs.6,000 Half-Yearly
Rs.12,000 Yearly
No Limit
Age 30 Years (Last Birthday) Immediate Pension
85 Years except Option F
100 Year for Option F
Deferred Pension
79 Years
Deferment Period
Applicable only for
Deferred Pension
1 Year 20 Years
Vesting Age
Applicable only for
Deferred Pension
31 Years 80 Years
Plan No.

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