Wealth Planning

" It's not about how much money you make,
it's about how much money you keep, how hard it works for you,
and how many generations you keep it for. "

Financial planning is the development of financial road-map that fulfills the personal needs and goals. Every person plans for the future so that old age is secure as well as the offspring’s financial future remains unharmed. Thereby financial assets allocation is to be determined and implemented.

Inputs for setting a Wealth Plan.

  • Goals and Duration:
    It is important to understand the client goals, and over what time period he/she wants to achieve those goals. Goals may be short term (to be achieved within a time span of one year) and have to be fulfilled by being conservative or long term goals that require holding the financial assets over a long time period.
  • Risk profiling:
    Risk profiling is an important step for setting financial roadmap. Every individual should know what their risk capacity is. Crucially, one’s risk profile will change after certain period of time or due to other life factors. A single person might be able to take a lot of risks as compared to a person having dependents or financial liabilities.
  • Liquidity Needs:
    Prior to investing, it is quite crucial to get clear that for how long one wants to keep the money blocked and to understand the duration that an investment will take to liquidate . Stock market linked instruments are much easier to get liquidated than many others. Accordingly financial plan shall be made that fulfils the requirement that funds are available with ease in need of hour. But viewed with growth point of view, certain portfolios prove to be beneficial if held over a considerable period of time.
  • Inflation:
    Inflation is a part of our economic life in India. The purchasing power of your money is going down every year. The asset allocation must be such so as to cover the inflation rate at least if going conservative. More over if appropriately diversified we aim to plan out such portfolios that surpass the inflation in many folds.
  • Need for Growth or Regular Income:
    Financial planning also depends on the clients’ needs for capital appreciation or steady income. Not all investments satisfy both requirements. Such needs are dependent on multiple factors – age, dependable source of income, risk level, family considerations and many others.

The financial planning result produced here is a formulae driven approach , presented for the self help of our website visitors. The suggested amount of investments and the scheme basket attached to the same is a mere output of preset combination of our website codes, and there is no human interference in the same. Please consult your financial advisor to get the validation or more suggestion on the result/output.

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